DnD night

Una pergamena

Malena sits at the table in the kitchen, a dice with twenty sides in her hand. Platypus lies on their belly in the middle of the table and looks at the dice with curiosity.
«So,» says Malena, «when you need to see what happens, you roll the dice.»
«If the number is high,» she keeps going, «it is likely that what you attempt to do will go well.»
«What if the number is low?» asks Blueberry, who is sitting on a chair.
«If the number is low,» answers Malena, «it is likely that your attempt will go bad.»
«How do we roll the dice?» asks Platypus.

Blueberry jumps on the table.
«I don’t like games with dices,» he says while looking at Malena’s hands, «because I cannot throw them.»
Malena stays absorbed a few moments. «Maybe I have an idea,» she says.
«Look,» she picks a bowl, covers the dice and shakes it.
«Say ‘stop’, Platypus.»
«Stop,» says Platypus.
Malena stops and raise the bowl. The dice is in the middle of the table.

«See?» asks Malena.
Platypus is covering their eyes. Blueberry stretches his snout towards the dice.
«What is the number?» asks Platypus with their eyes still covered.
«Nine,» answers Malena.
«Does something good or bad happen?» asks Blueberry.
Malena smiles. «It depends on what you had to do, and on how difficult that was.»
Platypus puts their paws on the character sheets in front of them.
«Let’s do these!» they say with enthusiasm.